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Social media. Your customers and potential customers use it. Social media presence is crucial to keep people seeing and thinking about your brand on a regular basis. On the small business owner’s end, keeping up with generating and posting content to Facebook and other platforms can be daunting and time consuming.
Let Sweet Savannah Writing Services handle your written social media needs. Do you want us to provide you with content to post daily? Or just once a week? That is up to you! If you don’t want to worry about remembering to update your social media accounts, we can schedule your posts for you as part of a package deal.
The majority of people are on their phones almost 24/7! Don’t overlook the importance of social media when advertising your farm business. Let us help you achieve consistency and effectiveness.  
Details & Rates
Social media posts have a flat rate starting at $5.00 per post, and are sold in sets of at least four posts (4). One set is intended to provide a month’s supply of posting material for your use. For example, if a set of four posts is purchased, that gives you an average of one post per week. Clients may order any number of posts per set above the minimum rate. Volume discounts apply to orders of more than six (6) posts per set. See table below. 
There is a one month minimum commitment on social media packages. Any custom photos or other graphic materials (Logos, etc.) required are to be supplied by the client or royalty free stock images will be used. “Boosting” or any other forms of paid advertising needed for individual posts are the responsibility of the client.
If you would like us to perform light management duties and post the material we wrote for you on your social media platform, that option can be added at a rate of $30.00 per month, with a one month commitment minimum.
Volume Discount Guide
4-5 Posts/ Month = $5.00/Post
6-9 Post/Month = $4.00/Post
10 + Posts/Month = $3.00/Post
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