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So you're a busy small business owner, you're wearing many hats, running here and there, putting out fires, etc. Don't have the time to spend a good chunk of your workday writing? Struggling with consistency in your social media promotions? Do you dream of, but never quite get around to launching that company blog, and filling it with engaging content each month? 
We can help you tackle all of that and more! Take a browse through our menu of current service offerings below.

Basic/Website Copywriting

Your website is the initial impression many potential customers will have of your business. Make it a good one by allowing us to help you craft the right words.

Blog Writing

How do you tell the story of what you do? Want to get the word out about that exciting new product you'll be offering? Tell it through words and images on your blog. We'll create content relevant to your business to help you make and strengthen vital connections.

E-Newsletter Content

Email newsletters are a mainstay in keeping your customer base informed. Let us take care of all your E-newsletter needs and we'll provide engaging content so you have one less thing to worry about!

Written Content for Social Media Platforms

The majority of people today are on their phones almost 24/7! Don’t overlook the importance of social media when advertising your business. We can post for you, helping you achieve consistency and effectiveness.

Product Sales Advertisements, Brochures, Catalogs, & Other Promo Materials

Are you an equipment dealer and need a catalog for your inventory? Run a bakery and need a brochure for your custom cakes? Get it done by having us tackle all of your other written promotional needs!

Additional Services

Do you want to publish an e-book? Need a technical manual written? We offer ghostwriting services for projects such as this. 

What Do 250 Words Look Like Anyway?
For use in giving an estimate of how much the project you have in mind will cost you, the following sample is approximately 250 words long.

Ober-Shire Farm & Dairy is a diversified farm located in central New York, milking a maximum of 50 Oberhasli dairy goats, and 30 Ayrshire dairy cows. We are not an organic operation, but we strive to use as many natural methods as possible. If an animal is in need of treatment and a chemical treatment is the best option for the welfare of the animal, we will not hesitate to use that method. Our goats and cows are managed in the best possible way we know how, as we are committed to producing high quality products.

In our on-farm creamery, we will manufacture a wide range of dairy products in small, high quality batches. By having both cow and goat milk products available to our customers, we can accommodate and cater to a large spectrum of preferences and dietary needs. Our selection will include fresh pasteurized fluid milk, yogurts, soft cheeses, butter, ice cream, and more. Our products will be direct marketed in the central New York area, with our primary method of distribution being home delivery service. In addition to that, our products are also available for purchase on the farm, as well as at select farmers markets and special events throughout the area. 


Because Ober-Shire Farm & Dairy is committed to supporting a strong local economy, we will also source and sell products from other local farms and food businesses on a consignment basis. Products that we see as ideal are products that complement our dairy items and appeal to our customer base.

Don't forget our new client deal! A piece of copywriting for your blog, newsletter, or website of about the same length as the above sample can be yours for FREE! Get your free words by clicking here.  

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