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If you have an agricultural business in 2020, you need to have a website. More than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from. Forming a connection with your customers by blogging your story or keeping them updated via social media can be vital to your success. 
But we get it...you're a farmer. There just aren't enough daylight hours to get everything done out in the fields, let alone devote time to writing lengthy paragraphs and sales advertisements.
Let Sweet Savannah Writing Services help you get the word out! We offer a range of affordable copywriting services, with farmers and ranchers specifically in mind.
No matter the type or size of agri-business you operate, and whatever your written content needs are, we have a solution for you.
Take a browse through our menu of current service offerings below. 
Website Copywriting
Your website is the initial impression many potential customers will have of your farm. Make it a good one by allowing us to help you craft the right words.
Even if you have a retail storefront, your website is the very first impression many potential customers will have of your business. Make it a great one by having us help you write the words that work to capture attention and sell your products. Do you already have a website but feel like your content is stale, or just missing something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Haven’t gotten around to updating your text since sometime around 2016 because…well, farm life happens?
Come on now, your business deserves better than that, you work too hard out there!
Let us assist you so you need not stress over it anymore. We can create brand new or freshen up existing written content, so that the pride you put into your work can shine through for the world to see. All writing is done with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, and required research is included. 
Our agreements for copywriting are flexible and you will only pay for what you need. Regardless of whether you just need a 250 word blurb to put the finishing touches on your home page, or 2,000 + words to bring a brand new website to life, Sweet Savannah Writing Services is up to the task.
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Blog Content Writing

How do you tell the story of your farm? Tell it through words and images on your blog. We'll create content relevant to your business to help you make and strengthen vital connections.

Having a business blog can be a great way to reach the tech savvy generations with the more intimate aspects of what you do as agricultural producers. 
Blogs typically have a more informal and personal tone to them than a standard website. Blogs posts often serve as conversation starters and get people thinking. This type of material can really make the reader feel as though they have actually stepped into the shoes of the person speaking through the text.
Whether you already have a blogging platform set up, or would like to start one, allow us to be of service to you! We'll create blog content relevant to your business to help you connect with your customers. 
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Social Media Writing
The majority of people today are on their phones almost 24/7! Don’t overlook the importance of social media when advertising your farm business. We can post for you, helping you achieve consistency and effectiveness.
Social media. Your customers and potential customers are using it...and they use it a lot. Like it or not, social media presence is crucial to keeping people seeing and thinking about your brand on a regular basis. On the small business owner’s end, staying ahead with generating and posting content to Facebook and other platforms can be daunting and time consuming.
Let Sweet Savannah Writing Services handle your written social media needs. Do you want us to provide you with content to post daily? Or just once a week? That is up to you! If you don’t want to worry about remembering to update your social media accounts, we can schedule your posts for you as part of a package deal.
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Email Marketing
Email newsletters and marketing campaigns are a mainstay in keeping your customer base informed and reminded of your farm's existence. Let us take care of all your email needs and we'll provide persuasive content so you have one less thing to worry about!
Email communications are important for keeping your customer base informed about all the exciting news and upcoming events your business has to offer. Generating engaging newsletter and sales content regularly can be tricky and inconvenient though, especially when you just don’t have the time to devote to it.
We're happy to assist you with your email writing needs. It’s a winning situation- you can forget about drafting emails and focus on all the planning that needs to be done in order to run your orchard, but that email still gets sent so your patrons don’t miss the buy 1, get 1 peach special next Wednesday!
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Landing Pages
Whether your looking to gather subscribers to grow your email list or need a single web page so participants can sign up for the livestock showmanship clinic on your ranch, Sweet Savannah Writing Services is here to handle your landing page needs.
Landing pages can have many purposes in digital marketing. They are generally stand alone web pages used to gather contacts, event signups, or to promote a specific sale or product offer as part of a social media campaign. 
Leave your landing page copywriting to us, and we'll help you achieve maximum conversions and results.
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Newsletters & Brochures
Do you or would you like to publish a bi-monthly newsletter to keep your customers "in the know" about all the happenings on your farm?  How about a convenient brochure to advertise your goods and services? Whatever you need, you can count on Sweet Savannah Writing Services to deliver.
Whether you'd like to promote an upcoming event or educate your reader on a topic relevant to your business, newsletters can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. An informational tri or bi-fold  brochure is a great way to promote your enterprise in a concise and eye catching manner. 
If you want physical handouts, digital versions, or both...we're eager to get it done for you! 
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Product/Livestock Catalogs
Order/Event Forms 
Still Don't See What You Need?
Don't go yet, let's talk! We'll do our best to find the perfect solution for your business advertising needs. Send us an email at sweetsavanahwriting@gmail.com or use our contact form to get the ball rolling. :)
Need a specialized list of all the goats you have for sale to hand out to potential buyers at the next show? Are you an equipment dealer and need a catalog for your inventory? Get it done by having us tackle all of your catalog needs.
If you have a vast inventory selection, you need a catalog to present everything you offer to your customers in an organized fashion. Many of your clients may live in regions with limited internet service, giving "old fashioned" hard copy catalogs immense value even today. Digital or physical, we can handle your next catalog that is sure to stand out and SELL! 
Don't delay, let's chat today about the best catalog options for your business!
Don't stress about the forms and applications you need for your business or non-profit organization! Sweet Savannah Writing Services has you covered by offering:
  • Product order forms
  • CSA/ club membership applications
  • Event signup forms
  • Employment applications
  • Fair & livestock show entry forms
  • Surveys
  • Other custom forms & applications
If you're tired of wasting time creating applications and forms by yourself (with lots of yelling at your computer anyone?), we have a convenient solution for you that will get the job done. 
Contact us here for complete details on getting started with your business forms!

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