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Do you have exciting things happening with your Ag business this summer? Did you just have a cow win big at one of the recent regional dairy shows that you want to brag on?  Whatever your news is, we want to hear about it and feature YOU in an upcoming issue of our e-newsletter, Sweetpea’s Evening Ag News!

That’s right, we want to get to know and write a great article about you. Did we mention that this is a FREE opportunity? Yes, free! Oh and don’t worry, there is no contract or obligation to purchase any services from us in the future. You will even be able to use the article we write for your own promotions after the newsletter premiers. All we ask is that you give us proper credit when you do use the article.  

Each issue will feature up to 4 articles about agricultural production enterprises (dairy farm, poultry farm, apple growers, etc.) or other businesses that have a direct link to production agriculture. (Let’s say you run a retail produce shop that buys veggies straight from local farms, or a firm that sells seeds and fertilizer to growers, you are welcome to submit, since those are direct links to production ag.)  

To submit your news item, use the contact form below. The order of businesses featured will be on a first come first served based on when we receive them.  Please only submit one business per name per month. Once you’ve had a business associated with your name featured, please wait at least 3 months before submitting another news item so others have a chance.

Now taking submissions for our: JUNE 2019 Issue!

JUNE 2019 issue submissions CLOSE: May 15, 2019 or whenever we receive 4 news submissions. (If you happen to submit your information and the submission window had closed, but that status hadn’t been publicly updated yet, you’ll have the option of being moved to the front of the line for the next month!)   

Each issue will go live and hit the inboxes of our subscribers during the first week of the month.   

We know times are tough for many in the Ag industry, but we also know that there are positive and exciting things happening out there! We want to hear what you are up to, so contact us today to reserve your spot in the next issue of Sweetpea’s Evening Ag News.

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