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Meet Kim, Author, and Owner of Sweet Savannah Writing Services!

Write what you know. That’s the adage the almost everyone who has ever dabbled in writing has surely heard a time or two. In this case, the entire premise of Sweet Savannah Writing Services hinges on “writing what you know.” Joining up the two things she is most passionate about, agriculture and writing, Kim launched Sweet Savannah Writing Services into existence in April of 2019. 

Kim is not a stranger to the world of agriculture. She holds a degree in Animal Science, with a focus in dairy cattle from SUNY Morrisville. It makes sense that her main area of expertise is dairy, and not just with cows, but dairy goats as well. She grew up raising and showing dairy goats in 4-H. As a high school student, she learned how to make goat milk soap and started a small business selling it at farmer’s markets and via the internet. While still involved with helping her mom manage the family farm from a distance, she now works on the dairy cattle end of the spectrum full time. 

Milking cows and feeding calves are something she has done almost daily for the past few years. In addition to animal husbandry, she also has experience working on the milk processing side of the dairy business. Bottling milk, manufacturing ice cream, sanitation of equipment, and packing orders for delivery have all been part of her regular routine. 

Other areas of agriculture she has experience in include small scale poultry production, rabbit production, and small scale vegetable growing. While in college, Kim participated in an extensive agronomy related research project that spanned a semester and summer. The project involved trials of an organic “probiotic” of sorts for use with field crop corn, as well as research work with the cultivation of industrial hemp.
Kim also has a good knowledge base when it comes to agricultural fairs and events. She volunteered for multiple years with her county 4-H fair association, assisting with planning and running the annual youth fair. Kim is still a 4-H volunteer and a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, so she keeps up to date on the current issues impacting agriculture and farm families today.  

If your business deals with any of the enterprises mentioned above, Kim and Sweet Savannah Writing Services can help you out. She has the practical knowledge base to infuse that little something extra into your written content. If not entirely familiar with any aspect of your business, she is eager to do the appropriate research to do an excellent job. 

For an example of a topic she researched and wrote about, please click the link below. The paper deals with the effects that manure runoff from dairy farms can have on the environment, and how farmers can mitigate these pollution issues with the use of an anaerobic digester. 

Link to Writing Sample: Dairy Farming, Water Pollution, and the Anaerobic Digester. 

Most of her writing experience was more in the creative writing department before this. But upon the completion of this paper, she discovered that she enjoyed research and technical writing as well. 

Still, being able to communicate about more technical and what most might consider boring topics in a creative manner can have its benefits. This is especially helpful when it comes to facilitating the telling of your farm’s story in a compelling way. A way that reels readers in and makes them want more.

Below are links to some blog posts Kim has authored. While not specifically agriculture-related, they demonstrate her creative abilities and knack for getting readers emotionally involved. 

Link to Sample Blog Post:  First, Stop For Gas- a Mostly True Story

Link to Sample Blog Post: For the Love of Writing and Helga Schneider
While the main focus of Sweet Savannah Writing Services is on writing for agriculture-related companies and organizations, we could still help you out even if you are not a farm business!

Kim is always willing to write on other topics as well. She has experimented with fiber arts, including spinning, knitting, and felting. As far as practical writing experience goes, she recently just contributed to a 25,000-word ghost-writing assignment on the human nutrition topics of intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet.
Other interests of hers include biology and natural science related subjects, food processing and food safety, geography, and supply chain management/logistical issues.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for all of your copywriting needs...agricultural or otherwise! 
Lastly, in case you were wondering…who is Savannah? Your business is called Sweet Savannah Writing Services after all! 

As yes, we’re glad you asked. Savannah is one of Kim’s Oberhasli dairy goats actually. The “Sweet” in our name represents another goat as well- Sweetpea. Savannah and Sweetpea are sisters, and they are iconic members of the dairy goat herd at the family farm. They represent the real-life situations that give Kim her inspiration to write every day.
                                  "Savannah"                                                   "Sweetpea"                                                 
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