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Sweet Savannah Writing Services

Compelling Written Content Solutions for Agricultural & Small Business

Picture this: You're stressed and short on time, but one evening you finally manage to carve out some time to update your website. As you fire up your computer, however, that pesky case of writer's block hits. You're stuck. No words come. Or if they do, they feel stale, boring, and recycled at best. If you're a business owner that does all promotional writing by yourself, does this sound familiar? 

Don't feel so bad; it happens to the best of us! When the pace of life and work doesn't slow down, something has to give. Unfortunately, if your business copywriting or social media management is always ending up on the back burner, opportunities for company growth are being sacrificed.  

You don't need to fall victim to this. If writing is driving you crazy, or you've determined that other aspects of your family or professional life deserve more of your precious time, we're here to help. With our flexible and affordable written content creation options, you'll be free to attend to what matters. We'll ensure that the brand and image you've worked so hard to build stays sharp, so you'll stay on top of the competition. 

Are you ready? Our pens are! Regardless of whether your farm or other small business is well established, or you're just launching your dream venture, we look forward to serving you.
Meet Your Writer
Kim Buddington, owner and freelance writer here at Sweet Savannah Writing Services, began creating content for her farm businesses when she was a teenager. She has since made many successful sales of rabbits, goats, and handcrafted products. To ensure you'll always receive the best and most effective words for your dollar, she is constantly researching the latest trends and refining her writing skills. 
Kim is just like you. She works daily in agriculture and small business, and understands the challenges you face. Your success and vitality is her goal and motivation. 
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